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FanPost Friday: Create the ultimate Rays team

Pick whoever you want from the team’s history.

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

There have been so many incredible players on the Rays over its 20 year history, and so many incredible moments lived on Tropicana Field. With the 2018 draft class being called a huge win for the Rays, and a farm system bursting with talent (I’m looking at you Bauers and Adames), the team is going to be filled with exciting and potentially franchise altering players for years to come.

With the future looking bright, let’s take a moment to look to the past. This week we want you to create your perfect Rays dream team. Copy and paste the list below into a New FanPost on the FanPosts Page, and tell us who you would pick for every position to build the best Rays team possible.


The rules are simple, but there are a couple: you can only pick one option for starting pitcher, reliever, and closer. I know, it’s mean. The player you choose also must have been on the team for a full season (or at least the bulk of a regular season). And if you want to get specific and check stats, you can also specify which year edition of the player you want to use.

Have fun!