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Tampa Bay Rays Ybor City stadium unveiled: Live Blog

We’ll finally have an idea of what the Rays potential new stadium will look like

Corbis via Getty Images

It is one of the most highly anticipated days in the history of the Tampa Bay Rays as they’ll unveil their first official stadium concept designs for their preferred location in Ybor City.

At 2:00 p.m. Eastern time, the Rays will hold a press conference where they will showcase their design for the new stadium, which is said to be a 365 day a year complex for the community.

Stuart Sternberg spoke with the Rays media over the weekend during their series against the New York Mets, where he addressed the new stadium and stated that “People are going to love the place.”

The Rays are also expected to address the financing options for the stadium.

It’s hard to contain excitement, as today is an exciting day for the region and the Rays, but it’s just the start of things to come. The Rays still have their deadline though the rest of the year to cement a plan and financing for a new stadium, with groundbreaking still a distant gleam on the radar.

This article shall be updated as live coverage begins, with the Tampa Bay Rays FaceBook page live streaming the event, while multiple media outlets will also be on hand.

Matt Silverman opens the unveiling, declaring himself ‘The Opener’ before later giving way to Stuart Sternberg. Silverman starts the conference by thanking all those who have helped along the way to where they are now, including former owner, Vince Naimoli.

Stuart Sternberg addresses the current state of the Rays and their season. Then addresses the location and building a stadium for the people of the region.

Our first view