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Blake Snell added to All Star Team

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As per Marc Topkin, Blake Snell will be added to the American League All Star squad.

Of course, the news comes on the heels of one of Snell’s tougher outings, but the Rays’ young ace is still more than deserving. Snell sports a 12-5 record on the season (for those who care of such things), but more importantly, his ERA sits at 2.27 (third among AL starters), he has 134 strikeouts (eighth in the AL), and he has been worth 4.2 rWAR (fifth in the AL).

Snell’s original exclusion sparked a debate, even among DRB writers, as Snell’s peripherals aren’t quite up to par with what he has actually accomplished. Of course, the All-Star Game is most often in the business of rewarding players for what they actually did, rather than what sort of regression may lay ahead for them.

And here is the official announcement: