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Sergio Romo got a new puppy!

The French bulldog era returns to Tampa Bay

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports


Rays pitcher Sergio Romo playing the opener role once again, this time by opening his home to a delightful new French bulldog puppy named Chuco.

Not even a week ago, Romo took to his Twitter account with the following crowdsourcing request.

Seems like it didn’t take him very long to find the Frenchie Friend.

Chuco appears to be a blue French bulldog puppy, a color the eliminates the pups from being allowed as show dogs BUT OH MY GOD WHO CARES LOOK AT THE WEE PUPPER!!!!

Romo is hardly the first Rays player to bring a French bulldog into the clubhouse as an unofficial mascot. David Price was almost as well known for his dog Astro as he was for his pitching ability.

Let’s hope Chuco plays nice with DJ Kitty and we see the little guy out bowling with the team soon.