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Tampa Bay Rays News and Links: Lollygagging!

Jake Bauers and Willy Adames showcased the exact opposite of lollygagging in a wild win. Plus: Yonny Chirinos returns!

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MLB: New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

After last night, Gary Sanchez should probably un-plug for a bit. Stay off Twitter. He should avoid Pinstripe Alley and other Yankees blogs. And whatever he does, DO NOT read the New York sports pages.

In case you missed the wacky, wild game 1 of the Rays-Yanks series in the Trop, two big heads up plays by the Rays and bad loafing by Sanchez lead to a swing of about 2 runs.

The first Rays run was thanks to some awesome heads up baserunning from Jake Bauers (who would get to job later on for easier runs) and a real Bull Durham-esc level of lollygagging from Sanchez:

And the final play, a very not heads up play by DRob lead to an extraordinary effort and play from Willy Adames to get the final out and the W with Sanchez just sort of meandering down 1B:

Gary Sanchez is going to get eviscerated by Yankees fans and NY media, and with good reason. But it need to be noted that perhaps an even worse blunder happened just a few batters earlier when Aaron Boone called for a Sac Bunt play with Didi Gregorius. Don’t bunt, hit dingers is a strategy to live life by, but thank you Aaron Boone for not living by that!

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