The Popular Topic Of An Unpopular Archer Trade

Personally I see the points of both sides of people for and against trading Chris Archer. The pros of the stuff he has with the relatively cheap contract is something we should be looking more for. On the other side I do see a guy regressing and doesn't seem like he wants to be there anymore, I think it's a little bit of emotion versus rational thinking. Anyhow I'm one that believes if we get good value and can turn 1 piece into multiple pieces then I go ahead and trade him and the team that intrigues me the most is the Padres with their quality and type of prospects and seeing as their has been articles about then aggressively going after Chris, this is the trade that I push hard for: Tampa Bay trades SP Archer, C Sucre and OF Smith to San Diego for C Mejia, SP Paddack, 1B/OF Naylor, and OF Renfroe. It gives SD a controlable pitcher they desire, a good backup catcher to Hedges plus a player that could slap the ball all over their spacious park and use his best tool speed to set the table for their young hitters coming up in Smith. TB finally gets the unthinkable in a premier catching prospect that's ready to take over in 2019, a starter that already has an amazing changeup in Paddock that could be ready sometime in 2019, a good young hitter that could turn into the future RF in Naylor and a current RF with power that is controllable for several more years in Renfroe. That's the outline I would use but I would be flexible in tweaking the deal to make it work and I know this is probably unpopular but a trade like this just brings to much value back for us not to do it.

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