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Rays taking “final offers” on Chris Archer

Sergio Romo is also fielding a lot of interest

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Baltimore Orioles Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The trade deadline clock is ticking, and depending who you ask at any given moment, Chris Archer is either a sure bet to be moved, or will almost certainly still be a Ray by Wednesday.

The main factor in whether or not a deal gets done, of course, is if they Rays like what they’re being offered, and on that note it sounds like they’ve put on their “Let’s Make a Deal” hats and are asking potential suitors to submit their final offers for Archer.

Who is still in on the bidding, and just how much they’ll be willing to part with remain a mystery, but expect that the Padres will remain in the mix right down to the four o’clock deadline on Tuesday afternoon.

As for Sergio Romo, there seems to be a market for relievers, but also a lot of relievers to be had, so it’s not certain whether or not the opener/closer will be moved at the deadline.