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Tampa Bay Rays to display Ybor City stadium renderings

Our first look at the potential new stadium is coming.

Corbis via Getty Images

On July 10th, the Tampa Bay Rays will display their renderings of their potential stadium in Ybor City.

The Rays stadium saga is seemingly everlasting, but the team is inching along and are ready for one of the biggest announcements of the year as they’ll showcase how they envision a stadium in Ybor City, as well as the possible financing options on how to get the stadium funded.

The Rays gained permission to begin seeking new stadium sites in the Tampa Bay area, outside of their current location at Tropicana Field in January of 2016.

Finally, in October of 2017, news leaked that the Rays had pinpointed Ybor City as their preferred site and they officially confirmed that with a press conference at the Tampa Baseball Museum in Ybor City.

All along, the Rays have wanted to think outside the box and design a completely new kind of stadium. One that would be accessible at all times of the year and be more of a full day activity, rather than just a place people go for a three hour baseball game. They have also wanted to bring a new concept to seating situations with new and totally different experiences being offered to those in attendance.

The Rays have the rest of the year to come to a conclusion regarding the stadium and its financing before their agreement with St. Petersburg expires.