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View from the catwalk: Chris Archer gets his narrative right

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Surprising no one

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MLB: Chicago Cubs at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

When a players change organizations, they get a chance to craft the narrative about their exit from the old one and their entrance to the new one the way they want it to be. It should be no surprise to anyone that both Chris Archer’s exit and his entrance is dripping with class. First, a message to Tampa Bay:

Then of course there’s the entrance. Chris Archer gave up his number as a sign of respect to both Andrew McCutchen and the Pittsburgh past:

Adam Berry wrote about Chris Archer’s arrival to the Pirates.

Archer will be missed in the Rays locker room. Sergio Romo said so for Blake Snell.

And Snell said so himself.

And then there’s the Buffalo:

Rays Links

  • Juan Toribio was at it over at The Athletic, with a breakdown of Tyler Glasnow’s debut, and a fantastic interview with Willy Adames, that goes into his relationship with the now-departed Chris Archer.
  • Marc Topkin wrote an inspired semi-recap, interspersing interviews with description of yesterday’s game. Of note, Joey Butler recommended Tommy Pham and his work ethic to Kevin Cash. Also, when Pham slipped on the basepaths, he was wearing borrowed too-big cleats. Don’t know what Mallex Smith’s reason was. From in that article, here’s a first look at Glasnow:

Other Links