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View from the catwalk: The Cron question

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When preparing for the future hurts individual arbitration cases, it’s not always simple. But this one can be.

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Tampa Bay Rays v Boston Red Sox Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

There was an interesting article the other day from Bill Chastain about CJ Cron’s playing time.

Basically, Cron is a known quantity, and a good hitter, and if the Rays were in contention for the playoffs, Cron would probably play almost every day. But because they no longer are in contention in the polarized American League, they’re taking away that playing time to get a look at some other players so they know more about them for next year.

Kevin Cash has explained all of this to Cron up front. There’s another side to this, which is that it could potentially cost Cron money in arbitration. Simple solution—for the arbitration offer this offseason, the Rays should pretend he had gotten that playing time and pro-rate his stats. It’s pocket change (a half million difference at most?), and worth it to show the player that you understand his situation and want to do right by him, while also attempting to set yourself up to win next season.

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