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Tampa Bay News and Links: Just rename the Bullpen of the Week the TBD Trophy already!

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Plus: Is Mallex most overlooked Ray? Is there a more positive dude in baseball than Carlos Gomez? Is Kevin Cash here to stay? (as usual when a sportswriter poses a question in the headline just assume “Yes” is the answer)

Boston Red Sox v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

For the third straight week the Rays bullpen has been selected as Bullpen of the Week. Of course, there is always the asterisks of what it means to be in the “bullpen” for the Rays: it means you start, you hold, and you close.

The management of the bullpen has been nothing short of tremendous by Kevin Cash and company. Everybody that is out in that pen has bought in, and has stepped up no matter their role. Vets like Sergio Romo have returned to being a lockdown closer. Chaz Roe has proven he’s more than just a gif-able magic Slider. Young flamethrowers Diego Castillo and Jose Alvarado are already proving adept as filthy relief aces. Ryne Stanek and Hunter Wood have particularly taken the role of Opener to heart, and been dominant in that role (as well as dominant in the later innings when they aren’t “breaking” the game). And of course, a whole slew of “bulk guys” lead by 12 game winner Ryan Yarbrough.

The Rays have been called a lot of things this year, as they have shaken up quite a lot of preconceived notions for what is a “4th starter” or a “middle reliever” and if we still even need as many arbitrary boxes as we think we do.

So far, I like to call them “successful”.

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