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Best of DRaysBay community FanPosts - July 2018

We make the prompts, you write the gold.

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Every week we set out a challenge, a FanPost prompt that we hope jogs the imagination and makes you think, or fires up an urge to write out your thoughts. You guys write great stuff for us, and we’re working on new ways to spotlight that incredible work.

So with no further ado, enjoy some of the best work our readers put out in July.

On July 3, user Alex Murphy had a minor conniption, and it was delightful, in the post “The Rays were 42-41 and my pulse needs to be checked

This defies all logic, thought, physics, life and death. I don’t even know if I’m real anymore. The Rays have single-handedly caused me to go into an existential crisis. Everything that I know now about the world and about life is wrong. Nothing makes sense. Not even Russia could do this.

July 22, user TheNEW_guy posited a Mallex Smith for Jose Martinez trade would be the order of the day, in “Jose Martinez.”

The Rays have lots of left handed hitting outfielders within their system, so would a trade of Mallex Smith for Jose Martinez make sense? He has the same amount of control remaining and would give them a defensive boost in the outfield and speed on the bases.

On July 27 trade talk was picking up, and user dullchristmas went into great detail for a Rays plan in the post “Roster moves with the mindset of staying competitive.” Admittedly none of these moves got made, but the suggestion of trading a pitcher to the Pirates didn’t get overlooked by the front office.

Romo has been one of the best relievers the past two months and would be a great addition for a team that now has a shot at a wildcard spot (not to mention he already looks like a pirate). If the Rays could land Luplow for him, I believe it would be a great trade.

And last but not least, one that hits close to home these days, Ccmosley wrote “The Popular Topic of An Unpopular Archer Trade.”

Personally I see the points of both sides of people for and against trading Chris Archer. The pros of the stuff he has with the relatively cheap contract is something we should be looking more for. On the other side I do see a guy regressing and doesn’t seem like he wants to be there anymore, I think it’s a little bit of emotion versus rational thinking.

As always, we appreciate the effort and thought that goes into these posts and will continue to spotlight the efforts more going forward. Also, check out this Friday’s FanPost Friday prompt!