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View from the catwak: It’s 2008 again

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For a day.

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New York Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays

It’s the 20th anniversary/2008 throwback night tonight, with many of that old Rays team back in The Trop and on the field beforehand. This sounds like a blast, for anyone able to make it. Ryne Stanek will open the game.

Speaking of “a blast,” and speaking of the visiting White Sox, here’s some from B.J. Upton. Honestly, I’d lost my mental image and had forgotten how sweet his swing was.

Rays Links

“It all comes down to restoring the conviction he had when he was a young pitcher with the Rays,” says Huntington. “He knows it. He wants it. He recognizes that this is a good place to be at this point in his career, and he is an important person for the Pittsburgh Pirates for the next few years.

  • The Rays Radio recap had audio from Jalen Beeks (who speeks in short sentences!), Hunter Wood, and Kevin Cash. Talking about his work with the newly-arrived pitchers, Cash called Kyle Snyder a “magic man,” as well as talking about the quality work from his pitchers.

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