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Would you attend a “Social Media Night” in 2019?

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The Tampa Bay Rays have stepped up their social media game significantly over the last couple years, bringing on new staff across the spectrum to man twitter, instagram, snapchat, a blog, take photos, cultivate videos, and more.

The humor is appreciated, the photos are crisp, the videos are compelling, and all the above results in a greater feeling of access and community (with the latter part in sore need of improvement in the twitter sphere).

From the outside looking in, these have been worthwhile investments that have improved the fan experience for all of us online.

And now the Rays are considering bringing all of that IRL:

Ryan is one of the many recent staff additions to the Rays (give him a follow if you haven’t!), and he put this poll question out earlier this week. We’re gonna do the same.

You can vote in the poll below and offer ideas in the comment section — I’m sure the Rays will see it.


Would you attend a "Social Media Night" in 2019?

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  • 60%
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  • 39%
    (15 votes)
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