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Jesus Sucre stopped framing and the Rays lost

Jesus Sucre’s glovework disappeared in last night’s ninth inning shocking loss

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Toronto Blue Jays Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

The Rays walked into the 9th inning of last nights game up 8-2 and 3 outs away from moving to 86-66. 20 games over, and somehow still alive in the playoff race.

Then it all went down hill.

Schultz gave up a 3 run shot to Danny Jansen, Romo gave up a 2 run shot to Gurriel Jr., and Justin Smoak followed that with a walk-off shot to RF on the very next pitch.

Now, I don’t want to place blame on anyone. The loss happened and we can’t take it back. However, I feel like I have to point something out.

Jesus Sucre really did not look like his regular self in the 9th.

Those green dots on the bottom were strikes called balls, and I don’t think this was an error on the umpire. Yes, Andy Fletcher was not good, but this wasn’t on him.

Check it out for yourself.

That’s a strike, but Jesus Sucre is not helping things in the way he’s receiving the ball.

A bit outside, but again, the effort was just... missing.

This was the 1-2 pitch to Rowdy Tellez.

That’s strike 3. You can make a case that Sucre had to go across his body to catch that, and that alone makes it harder for the umpire to call that. But I mean, you can still frame that a little better. Right?

Tellez doubled on the very next pitch.

First pitch to Davis. That’s a possible strike. Again.

Check out where Brooks Baseball had that first pitch to Jonathan Davis.

That’s tough.

I hate to call players out and I hate to question effort level, that’s not what I want to be here for. This just did not look good. I’m not saying that Sucre lost the game for the Rays, either. It’s just something that raises an eyebrow.

That’s about four strikes that Schultz could’ve had if the pitches were more properly framed.

Schultz missed his spots, but you’ve got to give your guys a chance to work. That’s it. And when the Rays fancy themselves contenders why would any player appear to be asleep at the wheel?

But what do I do know? I’m just a college kid watching professionals do their job.

You be the judge.