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Tampa Bay Rays News and Links: CC Sabathia spends $500K on petty revenge

Plus: Stadium Talk!

MLB: New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Rays last game with the Yankees for 2018 was mostly one to forget, except for some good old fashioned dumb posturing, some bean ball, some fake toughness, and overall a waste of everybody's time and some near injuries.

CC Sabathia hit Jake Bauers on the hands. Later, Andrew Kittridge threw high and tight against Austin Romine, losing a ball behind Romine’s head. Tempers were starting to really boil over after the previous night saw the end of Kevin Kiermaier’s season by an errant Yankee throw that gave KK a hairline fracture in his foot.

Was Kittredge’s throw intentional retaliation for the HBP on Bauers? Or was it Kittridge just losing his control (not exactly a hard image to imagine)? I’m inclined to believe, thanks to his post game interview, it might have been a mix of the two, while Kitt was trying to dust back the Yankees and his poor control lost one in the spot nobody should be throwing.

So what was CC Sabathia to do? Of course hit another batter! Because that’s the only way to act tough in this sport and get your petty revenge by throwing a rock at people. Sabathia plunked Jesus Sucre, and benches emptied sort of.

You can see in the video, this was as intentional as it gets. Clear cut. Sabathia after plunking Sucre points to the Rays bench and shouts what appears to be “That’s for you, b****!”. CC was ejected immediately, rightfully so. Sabathia was just 2 innings away from reaching an IP bonus good for $500K.

So, the Yankees, with playoffs clinched, up 11-0, felt the need to act tough, after already hitting multiple Rays batters this series as well as putting one Rays player out of commission for the season.

Beanball wars are dumb.

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