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View from the catwalk: Shohei Ohtani recommended for surgery


MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Texas Rangers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t usually put non-Rays news above the fold, but this one is big, and sad, for all fans of baseball.

There’s new damage in Shohei Ohtani’s elbow, and that the Angels have now recommended Tommy John. We all knew Ohtani was too beautiful for this world. Poignantly, he homered twice, after the diagnosis. Maria Guardado gave a good breakdown of the situation and timeline.

I’ve seen a number of hot takes, regarding the Angel’s handling of the situation, that don’t make a ton of sense (see Petriello’s tweet below). One thing I think we fans lose track of is that surgeries (even relatively common ones like Tommy John) carry significant risk. Even if the handling were to have pushed Ohtani’s return back, I would commend the Angels for considering the player’s interest and taking a cautious approach, rather than rushing into surgery.

The always-excellent Jeff Sullivan wrote about Ohtani’s success, and his future.

Rays Links

  • David Laurila talked to the hot-hitting Joey Wendle about his swing. Basically, Wendle stopped trying to fiddle with it, claiming that for him the best swing is a natural one, rather than an intentionally-constructed one sometimes put on players in the minor leagues.
  • Marc Topkin wrote a profile of Tyler Glasnow, shortly before Glasnow had a bad outing.
  • Rob Mains (BP, paywall) wrote about the Rays pitching usage again, walking back his former conclusion a bit and noticing that this time noting that they’ve not just been unusual, they’ve been good, with their relievers a bit worse than starters, but better than most starting staffs around the league. Honestly this is hard to analyze, because what the Rays have done is switch around who’s a reliever and who’s a starter. Give him a read.

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