Getting My Hair Cut in Center Field

I attended the Rays-Orioles game last night, thoroughly enjoying our 10-5 victory over the Orioles. The Rays offered fans a 2 tickets for $20 special on Labor Day, and my buddy Erik and I took advantage. Our seats were in left field, about ten yards behind and a little to the right of Tommy Pham. We had a great view of all the fly balls, particularly the one Brandon Lowe hit that caromed off the B ring to land behind short for a double. Erik had never been to a Rays game before, so I got the chance to show him some of my favorite spots in the stadium.

It's been awhile since I've had that much fun at a baseball game. Sorry that only 9,998 other fans were there to share the evening, but that made it pleasant to walk inside the stadium on the Rays walkway, watching the game from several angles. The team was raising money for Kids with Cancer by offering haircuts to anyone who made a donation; I donated enough to get a voucher for tickets to a future game. Lots of chairs on the Rumfish patio in dead center field and no waiting. A great barber trimmed my hair and beard while I watched the distant game. I declined to get my hair dyed with the team colors, but what luxury to relax in a chair listening to the snip of the scissors and the crack of a bat.

I saw several fans in Orioles gear, but they were deathly quiet. The 1962 Mets may have been more comical than the 2018 Orioles, but this year's edition of the Birds are the worst major league team I've ever seen in person. I felt I was watching a little league team in the first inning when the Oriole starter lost his balance and threw the ball on the ground between home and first to allow Mallex to score the first run. If the defense had been able to make accurate shows and didn't fumble balls hit to the outfield the game would have been much closer. It seemed to me after the second inning the Rays took the Orioles too lightly, spending the middle innings trying to hit the ball out of the park and attempting showboat catches. That's why they didn't put the game away until the seventh inning.

Still it was great to see Bauers get a hit, Kiermaier get two, Ciuffo get another hit, and Mallex use his speed on the bases. The Rays are playing as well as anyone in the league right now, and if you're a fan like me, there's nothing more fun than seeing your team have fun and win. The Tropicana Field staff is the friendliest, the craft beer is refreshing and local, and tickets are easy to get. I'm driving two hours (at least) one way from Orlando to Tampa at least twice more this month to enjoy this while I can. If you're in the area and a Rays fan, I hope I'll see you at the game.

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