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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: The Nate Lowe hype is real

Meanwhile, Jose Martinez may not be traded by the Cardinals after all...

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MLB: All Star Game-Futures Game Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

MLB Pipeline shared some spray charts of the most productive line drive and flyball hitters, and among those luckiest/most effective (which is it?), Rays prospect Nate Lowe ranked 9th!

Lowe began his Rays career more famously as the older brother of first round draft pick Josh Lowe, but has emerged as the higher ranked prospect and will likely break into the majors in 2019.

And as the spray chart indicates, he can hit to all fields. Here’s an example of his opposite field power to whet your appetite.

For more on Nate Lowe, read here:

Rays News

*The Cardinals were never particularly eager to trade José Martínez, viewing him as a low-cost weapon off the bench whose offensive contributions likely would outweigh his defensive limitations.

Martínez still would make sense for the Rays and Astros, both of whom pursued Cruz, and the Dodgers also have shown interest. But one rival executive says he senses the Cardinals are even less willing to move Martínez than they were previously.

A player such as Martínez is hardly untouchable, and the right offer surely would sway the Cardinals.

  • Some Rays wallpapers available for your mobile device:
  • And, since the off-season is slow, let’s watch some Snell high heat:

Other Links

  • The NBC Sports Chicago RSN is moving forward, without the Cubs.