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The updated Rays 40-man roster map

A different way of looking at who is on the 40-man roster

The Tampa Bay Rays’ full 40-man roster has presented an opportunity for me to follow in the footsteps of a few other SB Nation sites in creating a 40-man roster map, such as Halos Heaven and Bluebird Banter.

With a roster that still has traces back to the Devil Rays days, it was fun to put together a detailed map that traces how each player on the Rays roster found their way to St. Petersburg.

The great thing about this method of displaying a 40-man roster is that it provides a clean look at all of the ways that the Rays acquired each player they have rostered, as of publishing, and does a great job showing all of the trades that transpired, regardless of complexity.

New for 2020, the roster map is finally in alphabetical order! Going clockwise, you will find Rays players shown in alphabetical order unless multiple players that are currently on the 40-man roster were involved in the same trade, like Trevor Richards and Nick Anderson.

Click here to see the map in full resolution (Updated 2/20/20)

While the map may look self-explanatory to some, here are a few notes on the roster map:

  • Each player that is currently on the 40-man roster has their name in bold, and whenever players with the same last name appear on the map, their first initial is added for clarification.
  • Only players that were on the team’s 40-man roster at the time of being traded are represented on the map. This is why some trades, such as Chaz Roe’s, where the Rays just sent cash to Atlanta, don’t have anything attached to their points on the map.
  • Taking a look at the various trades, you’ll note two are in grey, while one is in yellow, and the rest are green. The colors are determined by the number of players involved in their trades, with grey, yellow and green representing one, two and three or more players involved, respectively.
  • The map is in alphabetical order, for the most part, as I tried to keep trades that linked multiple players currently on the 40-man roster together for the sake of convenience.
  • Finally, there is no difference in which direction that trades are pointing towards on the map, whether that be from the outside-inward or vice versa, as that was solely done for spacing purposes. All that matters there is that they’re connected to the perimeter of the map.

The plan is to update the map every time there is a change to the 40-man roster, so make sure to bookmark this page to have quick access to the latest look at the roster map!