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Tampa Bay Rays sending Jesus Sanchez, Nick Ciuffo, and Jalen Beeks to the MLB Rookie Career Development Program

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

MLB will be holding its annual Rookie Career Development Program this upcoming week. This will be the 28th time the event will be held, but the first time it will be held in Miami, Florida as several of the budding top prospects will head down to South Florida to partake in the event.

According to Jonathan Mayo, the event is meant to help enrich the young talent of the game and help them better prepare for a major league lifestyle.

The event is designed to help future big leaguers avoid the kinds of pitfalls that have kept many players from being able to focus on their considerable playing skills. There are sessions on dealing with the media, how to handle situations in the clubhouse, drugs in baseball, inclusion and financial planning, just to name a handful of issues addressed. Players get to interact with each other around these topics and there are breakout sessions with former big leaguers to allow smaller groups of players to drill further down on specific issues.

During this year’s event, the Rays are sending three of their players: OF Jesus Sanchez, LHP Jalen Beeks, and C Nick Ciuffo.

Ciuffo and Beeks both made their MLB debuts this past season, while Jesus Sanchez rose to Double-A and is on the cusp of reaching the big leagues.