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Tampa Bay Rays News and Links: Man, what a year

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This is a good week for reflection and actually talking to friends and family

MLB: ALDS-Tampa Bay Rays at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Now that we have all had to time to unwind from Game Five of the ALDS, and the division series as a whole, man is the takeaway clear: What an amazing season for the Rays.

They turned over plenty of the roster yet again, dealt with injuries on an unprecedented level, played in one of the toughest divisions in baseball yet again, but they were able to overcome all that for not just a playoff spot, not just a Wild Card Game victory, but a legitimate toe-to-toe showdown with not just the best team in baseball, but one of the greatest teams in baseball history.

While Game Five was painful (it would’ve been so nice just to be in it a little longer), it was a remarkable season, and one that in hindsight will be remembered fondly for a long time. Not just because of the success the team had, but how lovable the players were (Ji-Man Choi just has to be the most lovable player in baseball, right?!) but also (hopefully) for it being the start of something special.

The team should be able to roll back most of its key cogs in 2020, and there will be plenty of reinforcements on the way in the upcoming seasons. (Not the least of which being some guy named Wander.)

However, today is all about living in the moment. Hopefully you took the weekend to catch up on sleep, talk to loved ones, and maybe watch just a tiny bit of playoff baseball. But most of all, hopefully you just spent it basking in the glow of what was an awesome season, the type that just doesn’t come around all that often.

News and Links

Honestly, it was a super quiet weekend, and that’s good. Like I said, close this article and talk to some family and friends who you dropped the ball with during the Rays playoff chase and first two rounds. (Lord knows we all did.) That being said, I know that, and the rest of the DRB gang are excited to get some reflection pieces up on DRB in the not too distant future, so come back soon.