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Kevin Kiermaier is a 2019 Gold Glove finalist

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KK is no stranger to defensive awards

2019 ALDS Game 2 - Tampa Bay Rays v. Houston Astros Photo by Cooper Neill/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Kevin Kiermaier may be already deep in a postseason filled with fishing and family time, but the fine folks at Rawlings remember how well he dazzled with his glove in the outfield this season.

On Thursday afternoon, Rawlings announced the finalists for the 2019 Gold Glove Award, sharing the three top vote-getters in each league by position. Kiermaier, who won the Gold Glove previously in 2015 and 2016. He was also awarded the Platinum Glove Award in 2015, which represents the best overall defense of the year, regardless of position.

He was previously ineligible in 2017 and 2018 because of extensive time on the injured list. To be eligible, an outfielder must appear in 713 innings through the first 142 games of the season. Per Rawlings this means a position player needs to have played in roughly 67% of their team’s games at their particular position.

With Kiermaier being healthy for the bulk of 2019, he was once again a candidate for voting, and with plays like this, it’s easy to see why he was selected.

The two other players who are finalists in the AL alongside Kiermaier are Angels’ Mike Trout, and Red Sox Jackie Bradley Jr.

The winners of the 2019 Gold Glove Award will be announced on November 4 in a special awards segment on ESPN.