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Chaim Bloom introduced in Boston as Chief Baseball Officer

Of the Rays, he said, “I will always be proud of what we did together.”

Chaim Bloom Press Conference Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

It was always inevitable that a brilliant baseball mind like Chaim Bloom was going to leave Tampa Bay eventually. In a crowded front office filled with equally smart people and an ever-widening field of job opportunities in other franchises, someone was bound to figure out that Bloom was an ideal candidate to take over operations of their team.

After interviews with a couple teams over the past two years, the team that figured it out just happened to be AL East rivals the Boston Red Sox.

Bloom, whose title with the Rays was vice president of baseball operations won’t be a general manager for the Red Sox, but rather a loftier title, that of Chief Baseball Officer. Through this promotion, he will be filling the shoes of the former president of baseball operations, Dave Dombrowski, who took the Red Sox to a World Series victory in 2018, but saw the team fall short of the postseason in 2019.

For the record, the Red Sox had been expected to go neck-and-neck with the Yankess for AL East domination this past season, but it was ultimately the Rays who spent much of the year chasing the Bronx Bombers, and who went to the postseason instead of Boston. A season removed from a World Series win, the Red Sox saw the need for change.

On Monday afternoon, Bloom was officially introduced to the Boston media, where he was effortlessly charming and certainly made a positive impact on his new city, even politely fielding questions about whether or not he’d ever seen a media scrum quite so large.

The Red Sox sung the praises of their new leader, with chairman Tom Werner citing Bloom’s impressive rise through the ranks: “Chaim’s rise from intern with the Rays in 2005 to Senior Vice President, Baseball Operations speaks to his leadership, intelligence and work ethic... He possesses the essential qualities to establish a sustainable baseball operation throughout the organization with an emphasis on long-term success at the major league level.”

Meanwhile the Red Sox principal owner, John Henry, told media that Bloom was their first choice for the role. “We believe Chaim is exactly the right person to lead the Boston Red Sox baseball operation based on a number of attributes we sought in this process.”

There’s no doubt that the Red Sox are thrilled with their new acquisition, and Bloom seems equally pleased with his new team, but he also spoke highly of the Rays, saying the team in St. Petersburg, saying “they challenged me, supported me, and made me better, and I would not be here without them. I will always be proud of what we did together.”

He was also clear about what he envisions for the Red Sox future, “The game is changing faster than ever before, and a mindset of constant improvement, of innovating, of learning and asking questions will allow us to be leaders in every area that can impact the success of our onfield product.”

Under Bloom, Brian O’Halloran will assume the general manager role, and Bloom was complimentary of his new GM, saying, “He is a model for everyone here.”

You can watch the entire press conference announcing Chaim as the new Chief Baseball Officer below.