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Top ten ways to celebrate your World Series homer

So you’ve hit a big home run. Now what?

World Series - Washington Nationals v Houston Astros - Game Six Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

So there was a controversy during last night’s game, and I’m not talking about the ump show we all endured. No, I’m talking about Alex Bregman and playing the game the right way.

Some people were distressed by this:

Juan Soto was paying attention, and decided to have some fun of his own:

After the game, everybody except Juan Soto thought this was a bad thing that shouldn’t happen. Even Bregman was sorry.

All this means is that everyone except Juan Soto is wrong. Baseball needs more fun, not less. So here are some suggestions for tonight’s Game Seven:

10. George Springer homers into the Crawford boxes, then goes full Cerrano and carries the bat all the way around the bases

9. Trey Turner wraps one around the left field foul pole, then uses the bat like a walking stick as he circles the bases.

8. Alex Bregman goes opposite field, pulls a monocle from his pocket, tucks the bat under his arm, and circles the bases like the dude from Monopoly.

7. Juan Soto goes upper deck, turns to the dugout, and conducts them in a rendition of Ave Maria as he circles the bases.

6. Robinson Chirinos smacks a pinch hit dinger, then uses the bat like a pogo stick as he hops around the bases.

5. Jose Altuve hit an eye-high pitch into the seats, then puts the end of bat on home plate, places his forehead on the knob, spins around ten times, and circles the bases like a drunken idiot.

4. Adam Eaton hits an inside the park homer, then runs around the bases a second time while using the bat to play air guitar.

3. Asdrubal Cabrera hits a grand slam, and he and his teammates hand the bat off like a relay race as they circle the bases.

2. Michael Brantley hits a wall-scraper, then conducts the crowd as he circles the bases like he is in a revival of The Music Man.

1. Anthony Rendon hits a dinger and acts like he’s done it before.