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Baseball’s better with a crowd! Here are your ALDS watch parties.

NHL Celebrates Start of 2019 Playoffs With Cage The Elephant Performance Photo by Harry Aaron/NHLI via Getty Images

There was a little disappointment that the Rays and their municipal partners on both sides of the Bay did not arrange for Wild Card watch parties for Wednesday night. That doesn’t mean Rays fans weren’t congregating to cheer on the team. Charlotte County opened up Charlotte Sports Park, and there were nice crowds at Fergs and other sports bars around the area.

But now the Rays are really in the postseason, and it’s time to for fans to have ways to engage.

Of course for some that will be mean attending home games on Monday (start times either 1pm, 2pm, or 3:35 — that game is sold old) or Tuesday (start times either 4:15 or 8:07, if needed, tickets remaining).

And today the Rays announced official team watch parties as well.

For many of us, sadly, the “watch party” for today’s 2pm start may actually be surreptitious glances at Gameday while attending a meeting, but if you are free you can hang out in St. Pete at Park & Rec, billed as an “adult playground” (there’s an offshoot within Tropicana Field), or a few blocks away at The Avenue.

The bigger watch party extravaganzas will be Saturday, with a broadcast start time of 9:00pm (by which time the weather should be lovely).

You can choose your preferred side of the Bay, gathering either at Al Lang Field, home of the Tampa Bay Rowdies, or bringing a blanket to Tampa’s Curtis Hixon Park.

Informal watch parties will spring up wherever Rays fans are found. For example, “senior officials” of the DRaysBay masthead have told me that there will be a New York City watch party for today’s game at Standsing Bar, considered by some to be America’s best sports bar. NYC folks, stop by East 7th Street to find your Big Apple Rays brethren.

Once again we invite you all to share your locations (in comments or on Twitter) and create other watch party events in the Tampa Bay area or beyond.