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The Ji-Man Choi! chant now immortalized in t-shirt!

Tampa Bay loves Ji-Man Choi and they’re letting the world know it!

We are learning a lot about the Tampa Bay Rays as they have staved off elimination in three of five games played in the 2019 playoffs, but one of the clearest lessons is this:

The fans LOVE Ji-Man Choi!

His name has rung out among the fans as they have supported the Rays in full force this post-season over and over and over again!

Ji-Man Choi!

Ji-Man Choi!

Ji-Man Choi!

So, of course, we had to make it a t-shirt!

You can get your Ji-Man Chant shirt here!

Much to the continued delight of the crowd and the Rays, Ji-Man Choi was excellent for Tampa Bay during their two home games of the series as he launched a solo home run during game three on Monday and then he singled and drew three walks during Tuesday’s game four.

The chant has been pervasive!

On Thursday, the Rays will head to Houston for a pivotal game five as they look to advanced to the American League Championship Series for the first time since their 2008 run to the World Series, and Ji-Man Choi will look to be a main cog in the Rays engine.

We can’t get enough of the Ji-Man Choi love.

Join us in celebrating him with this shirt!!!

You can also find all of BreakingT’s collection of Rays gear here!

On to Game 5! Go Rays!