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Tampa Bay Rays News and Links: Warming Stove!

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Plus: Rays bringing back one key 2019 contributor already, top 10 pictures of the Rays season, MVPs announced, and more Astros sign stealing drama!

Colorado Rockies v Tampa Bay Rays
Is this picture of the orange LED lights of the Trop related to the headline about baseball hot stove rumors? Just barely. Will I do it again this offseason? You’re damn right I will!
Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

  • Some great news for the Rays and Rays fans, the best sideline reporter since Todd Kalas and Kelly Nash, Tricia Whitaker confirmed that she will be back in 2020!

Hot Stove!

  • Last offseason we had (in my opinion) some pretty bad agent work which helped to delay the offseason and leave certain guys in the lurch. This is a great example of some damn fine leverage work from Smith’s agent:

  • MVP Awards announced:

AL MVP - Mike Trout (#3 although could easily have 5+. We are living in a time where an absolutely all time great exists and that is really, really cool)

NL MVP - Cody Bellinger (#1 for Bellinger, and did you know he passed his father in career WAR by the end of his first week in the majors?)

  • Full list of votes for AL MVP: Juan Toribio and Marc Topkin voted Trout over Bregman. Topkin gave a 10th place vote to Charlie Morton, while Juan gave a 10th place vote wot Meadows. Meadows was the only Rays player to receive multiple MVP votes, with 4 10th place votes, 1 9th place, 1 8th place, and TR Sullivan of giving Meadows his 5th place vote.

Astros Drama-rama

  • Related, Jomboy has the eye cam:

  • Some fascinating insight in this whole thread from World Series champ Sean Doolittle:

Hat tip to Reddit user u/canuckdude22 for noticing this first:

found this, it might be significant due to Beltrán’s recent comments.

CARLOS BELTRAN vs Tampa Bay Rays, 08/02/17

first pitch - one hit - slider

second pitch - two hits - change up

third pitch - two hits - change up

fourth pitch - one hit - slider

fifth pitch - nothing - fastball, groundout