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Rays Offseason Drinking Game

Break out the Cuervo

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MLB: AL Wild Card-Tampa Bay Rays at Oakland Athletics Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

One of my favorite recurring articles is Mike Vorkunov’s yearly Knicks drinking game, mainly because, as a Knicks fan, drinking is a must.

Thankfully, Rays fandom has been a bit easier in years past, but who doesn’t still like to imbibe every now and then with a classy Busch Lite or bottom shelf Vodka?

So with a nod to Mr. Vorkunov, and a shot of patron at the ready, let’s set up the 2020 Rays Offseason Drinking Game. (The rules are simple: Whenever one of these events occurs, take a drink.)


  • You hear any of the following phrases: “40-man roster crunch,” “out of options,” “small market,” “cheap,” or “mystery team.”
  • The Rays finish as the runner-up to a piece that seems like he would’ve been a perfect fit
  • But Topkin says our offer was competitive! (Make mine a double.)
  • The Rays make a “smart” move, per the experts...
  • You talk yourself into Edwin Encarnacion being like make-up sex for missing out on Nelson Cruz last offseason. (In fact, make that several drinks.)
  • The Rays low payroll is mentioned as a positive
  • The Rays are tied to Yasiel Puig. (This is a happy drink.)
  • You realize that the Rays are bringing back a healthy and reinforced version of a rotation and bullpen that were borderline historic last season. (This is also a happy drink.)
  • You think lovingly about Wander Franco potentially being a 2020 September call-up. (Again, happy.)
  • Our own Dominik Vega writes another awesome article with amazing graphics that teach you a whole lot more about the Rays. (We’re on a run of happy drinks here.)
  • Someone tries to convince you the Rays should bring back Zunino. (And make that person take a drink, too.)
  • The Yankees are tied to Gerrit Cole
  • Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez rumors swirl around Boston. (A happy, green drink.)
  • Dream Rays target Yasmani Grandal is off the market for more than the club can afford
  • You hear the word “Montreal.” (Or apparently, now “Orlando,” too.)

Add some more of your own in the comments section below, add some nice tequila to that orange juice you’re drinking, and enjoy the offseason.