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All of Yoshitomo Tsutsugo’s home runs in 2019

Very few land in the front row...

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays-Yoshitomo Tsutsugo Press Conference Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

By now you know a few things about new Rays 3B/OF Yoshitomo Tsutsugo, who was formally introduced via press conference yesterday.

If you’ve been on Twitter, you may have seen a clip or two showcasing his unbelievable strength and power:

You may have also seen some off-base responses. Like this one:

It may have been a mediocre pitch, but Tsutsugo did exactly what a professional should do—hit it out of the stadium.

Out. of. the. stadium.

Some people still weren’t impressed:

I mean, the Rays are looking for a right handed power bat, aren’t they?

There were a few people who had nice things to say, though:

If you yourself are not completely convinced, and you also have roughly four and a half minutes to spend, here is a video of all 29 of the home runs hit by Yoshi in 2019.