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Wilson Glove Day for the Tampa Bay Rays

Matt Duffy, Joey Wendle, and Jose De Leon were among those to receive their custom gloves for the 2019 season

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Prior to yesterday spring training opener against the Philadelphia Phillies, the Tampa Bay Rays were visited by the Wilson Sporting Goods company as well as Master Craftsman Shigeaki Aso.

Wilson was presenting the Rays players with their custom made gloves that they’ll be using during the upcoming season. Joey Wendle, Jose De Leon, and Matt Duffy were among the players to receive their custom made gloves.

“There’s just something about getting a new glove. For me, bats are fun, shoes and cleats are fun, but every glove is just a little bit different. I think every infielder has a thing for getting a new glove. It kind of marks the start of a new season, and that’s always exciting.”

”I got my third-baseman glove, second base, shortstop and outfield. I don’t have a first base or catcher’s mitt yet. I’m hoping I don’t need them, but you never know.” - Joey Wendle

Glove Day is among the most anticipated days of spring training for the players and Wilson wants bring that excitement to your hometown team.

To pass the excitement along to your local community, fans can enter for a chance to win a Glove Day for their hometown team. The winning team will get the same pro treatment and all their glove questions answered when the Wilson Glove Team, including Master Craftsman Shigeaki Aso and Product Manager Ryan Smith, come to the winner’s hometown and hand-deliver brand new A2000s.

Here is the link - to enter for a chance to win that exciting opportunity, but hurry as the contest concludes in just over five days.

To follow along as Wilson visits all of the teams around baseball, they’ve have been posting videos and images of their trips around the league.