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Tampa Bay Rays News and Links: Goodbye Football, Hello Baseball!

And people claim Baseball is boring...

St Louis Cardinals v Houston Astros Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

What an absolutely boring Super Bowl. While the team that wins all the time won again to the surprise of literally nobody, baseball twitter got a chance to get their dunks in (yes, that’s right, I just bought another sports reference in this link dump on a baseball blog).

Rays Links

Reds, Marlins deep in talks about Realmuto - Joe Frisaro, Rays continue to be mentioned in Realmuto talks. The year is 2148, the seas have risen turning Florida into Atlantis, and the Rays, which are still located at Tropicana Field, now retrofitted to float over what was once St Pete, are still mentioned as “in” on JT Realmuto (now an android, but still 4 win Catcher).

Rays Tales: Let’s play ‘would you rather’ with the revamped lineup - Marc Topkin, Tampa Bay Times: Topkin wonders if the choices the Rays made were the right ones.

Snell ranks among game’s best starters: The Rays overall faired well in the MLB position Top Ten rankings.

To ponder: Is Bryce Harper for one year a worthy Rays’ investment? - John Romano, Tampa Bay Times: The Rays have a lot of money under their usual payroll, and on a 1 year deal, it’s certainly possible. Likely? Of course not. Will it happen? Oh, definitely not. But it’s not not possible.

What if Bryce Harper took a one-year deal? - B. Ellis, Beyond the Box Score: The Rays are also mentioned as a team that could, theoretically, afford Harper on a 1 year deal.

Around the League

Bryce Harper, with a flare for the dramatics, minutes after the Super Bowl, tweeted simply: Loading...

Finding Homes for the Top Remaining Free Agents - Jay Jaffe, Fan Graphs

Mets hire Russell Carleton, Andrew Perpetua for analytics department - Tim Healey, Newsday: Selfishly, it’s a big loss for all of us who love reading Carleton’s writing. However it’s a very cool opportunity for somebody who is incredibly well deserving.

Super fun graphic from Daren Willman showing the dimensions of every MLB ballpark.