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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: Ichiro Suzuki to retire

Plus, the Brandon Lowe afterglow

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Oakland Athletics Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

The big news this morning, as actual baseball happens across the Pacific, is that today’s game in Japan is Ichiro’s last. The former ROY, MVP, 10x All-Star and 10x Gold Glove is retiring in front of a packed house in Tokyo. What a career.

Rays Lineups

The Rays play twice today, and Matt Duffy is leading off game one in his second appearance this Spring has he continues to attempt a last second return from injury for Opening Day.

Rays News

The Times sat down with Sternberg for their annual, light hearted interview. This year’s revelation? Stu loves Hozier!

Juan Toribio answers the question you’re asking

And Tommy Ramcel offers his analysis of the deal

As did Eric Longenhagen for Fangraphs

If he becomes the type of player I expect him to be — Lowe has power, walks at an above-average clip, and plays several positions including a passable second base, all of which makes me think he’s a two to three win player — a $4 million average annual value would make Lowe a bargain for the Rays.

Vidal Brujan is finally in MLB Pipeline’s Top-100

Josh Tolentino spoke with Brandon Lowe about the after glow of his $24-million guarantee

Other Links

The All Scott Boras Contract Team - Our own Brian Menendez took a deep dive into the world of Scott Boras to mine the greatest hits for The Hardball Times. It’s a fun ride, take a read!

Are the Yankees really adding the Opener?

Fun Ichiro moment to re-live