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FanPost Friday: Make 5 bold predictions for the 2019 Tampa Bay Rays

Feel free to brag in October about how many you got right.

Tampa Bay Rays v Minnesota Twins Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

You guys! We survived winter! We made it through spring training! Baseball is back and this time the results actually count. With the Rays on the hunt for another great season, it seems like an excellent time to make some really wild guesses about what the year ahead will bring.

With that in mind, we will be bringing back our weekly FanPost Friday prompts. If you’re new here — welcome! — the whole premise of FanPost Friday is that YOU get to write posts. FanPosts are open all the time, and you don’t need to stick to the prompt, but we like to give you something that gets those mental gears grinding, so once a week we post a prompt that you can choose to follow.

This week: Make 5 bold predictions for the 2019 Rays! Be as over the top and out there as you want. Do you think Charlie Morton will win 20 games? Tell us so! Do you think Tommy Pham will break out and be the AL MVP? I like your thinking! The only restriction here is that the predictions must be possible in a standard major league season. So by all means, predict Kevin Cash will be ejected 14 times, but don’t suggest they will extend the season to November to become the first team with 200 wins. Pretty easy!

Since this is our first FanPost Prompt of the regular season, a quick primer on how it works: Just head over to the FanPost section, select “new FanPost” on the left (you will need to have a registered account — no anonymous posting) and just start writing! Every month we will be posting a rundown of the best FanPosts that month, and we read every single one you guys post, so have fun with it! Many of our staff writers began by churning out clever FanPosts!

Now get to writing those predictions!