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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: Day one saw baseball, will day two see a win?

The mere act of baseball being present was enough for one day at least

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MLB: Houston Astros at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

For whatever reason, I never seem to mind an Opening Day loss as much. There’s nothing like an Opening Day win—especially a magical one like last year—but really nothing can take me off that “baseball is back” high for at least one day.

The 2019 Rays took full advantage of this character quirk, starting the day with a bang...

But not doing a whole lot after that. But it’s OK! Baseball was back.

Now day two? Day two is totally different. The Rays draw another ace in Gerrit Cole, but starting the year 0-2 would be a bummer even if we all know at heart that two mere games don’t matter in the grand scheme of the 162-game season. No pressure, Charlie Morton.

What Did Twitter Have to Say?

Let’s start with some excellent advice from all of our favorite writer front office employee:

Need a reason to? The Rays social media has you covered. How can you not just adore these guys?

Plus, they were drippin on OD (especially Choi)

And there were definitely a few good moments to cling on to from 2019 Rays Opening Day

Although it wasn’t all roses and peaches

Overall, gotta keep our eye on the big prize, and news like this only helps

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