Be Bold They Said: Rays Predictions 2019

Although this post would sound better if the Rays had won yesterday, these are my bold predictions for this 2019 season:

1. Tommy Pham will carry this team.
Many Rays fans know how well-balanced this offense seems to be constructed, but if last year was any indication, Tommy likes the Dome and wearing that sunburst. He will continue to rake and his exit velocity will be a great aid with his hard-grounders getting a bit of help from the fresh turf. The offense will be good but Tommy will solidify it and become a threat to steal that MVP from Trout/Altuve/Betts.

2. Joey Wendle Keeps on Surprising People.
This is our GRINDER. His bat-to-ball skills will continue to improve and the K's will diminish. This man is hungry to prove himself and there's no better way to prove it on his sophomore season, when there are even Rays fans who still do not trust in this man's approach. His defense will not falter (and really, isn't he the best defensive option for 2B? Some might say D-Rob but, I want him to take third instead as this is some foreshadowing).

3. Jose Alvarado becomes the best reliever in AL.
Remember Jake McGee in his great days? Meet his improved version. Alvarado is set to become so clutch we'll be having flashbacks of Rodney with his ABSURD 0.56 ERA. He might not have a bow and arrow with him, but he has a heater that's so well placed with his outstanding location that we won't mind the lack of archery.

4. Duffy is permabroke.
I had to slip in some reality. Too bad, so sad, I guess that's how the Matt Moore trade ends. We got a good season from him last year but that's about it. It opens up a spot for the incredibly skilled D-Rob to have a daily position in which he will take up and running with his great defense. His OBP will be insane and allow us to have a top of the lineup that can have him starting against LHPs while Meadows leads off against RHPs.

5. We surprise the league and get our third division title.

Boldest for last. You heard it here first. Let's get that banner.

Booj it.

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