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The Rays bats were on display in series opener against Toronto

And they put on quite the show

Tampa Bay Rays v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

The Rays offense put together a spectacular performance in Friday night’s contest against the Toronto Blue Jays. Those who watched the game are well aware of the drama that became in the late innings, but it’s impossible to ignore what we witnessed before that.

Yesterday our own Josh Morgan wrote about the Rays elite exit velocity, and the team continued that trend in a huge way. Using Baseball Savant’s new feature called gamefeed, we can now track exit velocities (among other things) in real time. These tables are also sortable, and below are the 14 hardest hit batted balls of the game:

Kinda one-sided, isn’t it?

Whether the Rays were shooting line drive singles, sending doubles into the gap, even grounding into double plays, if it seemed like every ball the Rays hit was scorched, it’s because they all were.

Especially these two, in case you missed them:

Not only did Meadows and Lowe both reach the 500 level in the same game, they did it in the same inning. And that... just does not happen:

The show continues tonight as the rotation turns back over to Blake Snell. For the Jays, familiar face Clay Buchholz is set to make the 3:10 fist pitch. So far this season, Buchholz ranks in the bottom half in exit velocity and hard hit rate, which just might bode well for the Rays.