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FanPost Friday: Rank the other MLB teams

Do you secretly love the Reds? Tell us how the other teams rank.

Miami Marlins v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Here’s a truth I’ve noticed about baseball: some teams are just more likeable than others. Whether its because of a classic underdog story (2016 Cubs, I’m looking at you), or a group of fun young players out having a great time (Cleveland Indians, I am grudgingly looking at you), there are teams you come across that you like more than the rest.

Obviously, we’re all going to rank the Rays on the top of the heap, but in today’s FanPost prompt, I want everyone to the OTHER 29 teams. Yes, you’re probably going to need to remind yourself that one or two NL franchises you rarely see play exist.

The other part of this is that you need to say WHY you ranked that team so high or so low in your 29-team list. Division rivals will likely hit near the bottom. Is it just tradition, or do you remember a particular game where the Yankees or Red Sox really rankled you? A specific player? On that note, maybe the Phillies spiked up in your interest this year because of Bryce Harper. Any reason is fine, you just need to give one.

And on that note: we’re going to compile your reasons into a post to see how DRaysBay readers really feel about the rest of Major League Baseball.

So head over to the FanPosts section, select “New FanPost” on the left, and get to ranking!

Weekly shoutout goes to Barnese and Bailey Circus for “La Tortuga” an ode to everyone’s new favorite Twin.