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INJURY UPDATE: No surgery required for Meadows

Incredibly good news for the Rays breakout young slugger, as he is now only expected to miss “a few weeks”.

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Austin Meadows and the Rays reportedly got some extremely good news after MRI on Meadow’s injured thumb.

Just last year the Rays went through a similar wait and see and hope with a Kevin Kiermaier thumb sprain. Just like Meadows, KK’s X-Rays were negative, but the MRI results were the true test to reveal the extent of the injury. For KK those MRI results showed surgery would be needed, and the timetable for return was 10-12 weeks.

With Meadows MRI results not showing significant enough damage to require surgery, the timetable for return is much quicker. This type of injury could still take some time, but this is the best news the Rays and Meadows himself could have gotten after that initial report.

Meadows in his own words sounds confident he will return soon, although the Rays tend to play things safe and cautious to avoid risking further injury.