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Are baseball games too long?

The vast majority of fans do not think so

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Miami Marlins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

An ongoing debate in baseball over the past few yeas, has been the length of the games being played.

The question was posed in this past week’s FanPulse survey with 74.4% of those who answered, saying no.

As for the questions that have consistently asked of those on the Rays FanPulse for Draysbay, the fanbase is showing immense support for Kevin Cash and the team.

100% of those surveyed say they approve of Kevin Cash as the team’s Manager, while 96% said that they were confident in the direction of the team.

The Rays have given fans little reason to not be confident. Entering play on Friday, the Rays hold one of the best records in the game, a half game lead over the New York Yankees for the division lead, and they also posses the second best run differential in all baseball. The Rays are also the lone team in the American League that currently sport a record over .500 against teams that are over .500 (the Houston Astros and Minnesota Twins both are .500 against above .500 teams).

Tonight, the Rays will begin what is sure to be a thrilling series with the New York Yankees as the two teams will compete for the top spot in the division.