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Tommy Pham, Avisail Garcia nursing leg injuries

Neither outfielder will be in the lineup tonight.

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

During Thursday night’s game, Tommy Pham left the Rays 14-run walloping of the Minnesota Twins in the fifth inning after a calf cramp crept in as he was running the bases.

After the game, Pham demurred on there being any concern:

What was not evident during the game was an injury to Avisail Garcia, who was just removed from Friday’ night’s lineup:

Garcia was visited by trainers during the game last night but shoo’d them away.

Now both outfielders will take a day off in hopes of avoiding the injured list just as the Rays welcome back catcher Mike Zunino from there.

The Rays were playing with a three-man bench, which means the team will have only Travis d’Arnaud to call upon should there be an issue with another player tonight. Although he is a catcher, the Dodgers had plans for d’Arnaud in the field before the Rays acquired him. Perhaps we’ll see him play a new position tonight, fulfilling LA’s intentions.