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Rays News and Links: Make it stop


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Tampa Bay Rays v Minnesota Twins

We are officially in the most painful stretch of the season. Due to the 162-game nature of the MLB season, there are always going to be stretches like this, but to lose to a fellow contender because of yet another key moment from a player the Rays “just missed out on” is extra painful.

The Rays are 4-10 in their last 14 games, and as last night’s recap stated: They are finding new ways to hurt us every night. The Rays once bulletproof chances of making the playoffs now look more like a slightly weighted coin flip, and the Yankees haven’t lost since the Regan administration it feels like.

Let’s just fast forward to the much needed All-Star Break already.

Tweet of the Day

Our own Dan Slaubaugh got the Tommy Pham retweet with this one!

Rays News and Links

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