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FanPost Friday: Tell us your worst game experience

Relive the nightmares!

MLB: APR 12 Rays at Blue Jays Photo by Julian Avram/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Going to games is supposed to be fun. We pay a lot of money for our tickets, we hunt down parking or take public transit, we shell out more cash for the overpriced hot dogs and stadium beer. But when it all come down to it, we do those things because they’re meant to bring us joy, and a great in person experience.

Sometimes, though, we get the opposite, and our memories of watching a particular game are tainted, and just downright bad.

Whether it’s because of a terrible weather incident, or perhaps a game went 18 innings, or maybe because a beloved player got hurt, I think most of us can recall a time we watched a game — either in person or at home — and it was just one of the worst viewing experiences of our fan history.

This week, we want to know what the worst experience you’ve ever had attending or viewing a game was. It doesn’t need to be a Rays game. Heck, it doesn’t even need to be a baseball game, if you happen to have a particularly memorable tale about basketball or hockey or anything else.

Just head over to the FanPost section and select “New FanPost” on the left, then regale us with your worst story of a game.

While not a FanPost prompt, this week’s shoutout goes to OneTonneBaby for their post “The Big Rotten Apple - My First Rays Game