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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: Who’s going to step up?

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Things are not going well

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

After last night’s ugly 9-4 loss to the Boston Red Sox, the Rays are now one game out of the second wild card position, and just one game ahead of the Sox in the division.

With that said, we know baseball is a funny game, and just as easily as the Rays have played poorly in these last games, they could just as easily turn around to win this series as well as the next one against the struggling Blue Jays.

I’ll check back on this when I do this again next Tuesday.

Here is some good news:

  • Austin Meadows is slashing .324/.395/.735 since the break, eerily similar to the post break line of Travis d’Arnaud (.323/.382/.774)
  • Matt Duffy may be activated as soon as today.

News and links

  • TWIRB: Ryan Yarbrough, Orestes Destrade, Richard Justice and more