Playing GM

I'm generally of the view that the Rays should be looking ahead to 2020 now, but if they feel otherwise and want to go for it, then they need to commit. Here's what I mean by commit:

1. Greinke - The guy is pitching well and can lead a rotation. He's owed about $12 million for the rest of this year and $35 in each of 2020 and 2021. Get the Diamondbacks to pay 40% of his remaining salary and trade them 2-3 prospects in the 15-30 range of Tampa's top prospects. This is similar to what Houston paid for Verlander (both in prospects and salary obligations). Flipping Greinke in the offseason would be a serious possibility and much easier to accomplish if we were trading someone on a 2/$42 million deal.

2. Stroman or Syndergaard - Adding Greinke won't be enough though. This team needs another dominant workhorse in the rotation. Unfortunately, adding one of these guys will be expensive. It is what it is though. I'm thinking Sanchez or Brujan as the headliner, followed by Baz or McClanny (we aren't getting a starting pitcher without giving up a potential starting pitcher), and other prospects / current MLB players.

3. McKay - Turn this man into a closer or set up man for the rest of the season. He's good. He's unflappable. He needs to play the rest of the year if we're making a run. If we are able to add 2 starters to the rotation, then I'd move McKay to the Pen the rest of the way. If we can't get the rotation help we need, then the team needs to try and add Giles or Yates.

4. RHB - This should be the easiest spot to fill. Pence or Castellanos would be one way to go, but I'd try to grab someone with years of control so we don't have to worry about this position next year (e.g., Aguilar).

So that's how I see it. The Rays have a good chance to make the playoffs just standing pat because of the weak schedule coming up, but that's not getting them beyond a 1 game playoff. If the Rays want to make some noise, they have to get seriously aggressive. Half measures are what I expect though. We'll see...

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