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MLB Trade Deadline Day: Are Rays “in the Mix”? updated

Some news, now?

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Toronto Blue Jays Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports


We’ll report details as soon as possible.


The MLB trade deadline is just hours away. This year it’s a “hard” deadline, with no major league rostered players available for trade once it has passed.

If you follow baseball, you’ve been hearing and reading trade rumors now for weeks. After all, there are 30 GMs talking and countless baseball reporters trying to get information, read tea leaves, or do whatever it takes to have something of interest to report.

So far there have been a few major transactions — Marcus Stroman, Trevor Bauer and Yasiel Puig are all with new teams — but a lot more smoke than fire.

As we spend our day wondering whether the Rays will be the “do nothing [except getting Eric Sogard] champs”, or reprise last year’s big two-trade day, I’ve been having fun documenting the various ways reporters talk about trade rumors, many of which don’t have a whisper of substantiation.

Teams are “interested in” a player; they are “in the mix”; they are “linked to”. Teams are “having conversations”. Here are some classic rumor tweets:

Update: OK, thanks Marc, this clarifies everything:

Until we have actual trade news to share, we can have fun watching journalists report poorly-sourced rumors. What are some of your favorite trade-related clichés?