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FanPost Friday: What makes you a Tampa Bay Rays fan?

Are you old-school or bandwagon? Everyone is welcome!

Minnesota Twins v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

It’s a good season to be a Rays fan.

The team started the year hot, leading the Yankees and Red Sox for weeks, before settling into second place in the AL East, and currently hanging onto one of the two AL Wild Card slots. It’s a young, exciting club with surprising breakout players, lots of wins, and just generally exceptional baseball being played every day. As a result, some new fans are climbing on the Rays fan bandwagon.

This is awesome. The more the merrier. Bring on all the fans!

It does inspire this week’s FanPost prompt, though: how did YOU become a Rays fan? Was it the result of a new team arriving in your hometown? The excitement of the 2008 World Series run? Or perhaps you just stumbled across the team and happened to latch onto them.

We want to know how you became a Rays fan!

Head over to the FanPost section, select New FanPost on the left, and tell us all about how you joined the Rays family.

Shoutout to user mp2891 for answering last week’s Trade Deadline prompt (and for nailing the Greinke trade in the first paragraph, though sadly he didn’t go to the Rays).