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FanPost Friday: What’s your dream ending to the 2019 Rays season?

If you were writing the script, how would it end?

Seattle Mariners v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Joseph Garnett Jr. /Getty Images

Baseball is one of those sports that lends itself naturally to cinematic moments. There’s a good reason Moneyball is so watchable, and it’s not just Brad Pitt’s performance. Baseball can surprise us. It can delight and destroy in the blink of an eye, and in spite of what many non-fans might try to suggest, it is very rarely boring.

The Rays regular season will soon come to an end, and in this week’s FanPost prompt, I want you guys to consider just how you want to see it end. Whether it’s an unprescendented run of losses by the Yankees pushing the Rays to division winners, or a Wild Card duel for the ages, tell us exactly how you want to see the final weeks of 2019 play out for the team.

Head over to the FanPost section, select “New FanPost” on the left, and tell us how the final act of this movie would play out if you were writing the screenplay.

Shoutouts to two folks who felt compelled to respond to last week’s Little League prompt. MisterLizzie wrote about the difficulty of being a young girl wanting to play Little League, and John Ford wrote a wonderful ode to being a Little League hero.