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Are you in favor of a ‘juiced’ baseball?

Do fans dig the long ball?

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What were you expecting, a picture of Eric Sogard?
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Baseballs have been flying out of Major League ballparks, and with the introduction of MLB balls to Triple-A, now Minor League ball parks, all summer long...and there seems to be no stopping the homerun epidemic.

As for why it’s happening, there has been a tremendous amount of research done on the balls being used and MLB has concluded that the ball has not been changed, but did confirm something has happened to them to cause less drag, allowing more balls to sail out of out stadiums.

Whatever the cause, MLB is seeing an unprecedented spike in home runs.

In last week’s survey, fans were asked if the ‘juiced’ balls in use were good for the game and the majority of those who answered, said no.

Meanwhile, in the usual weekly survey that was sent out, Rays fans remain steadfast in their approval of Kevin Cash, with 91% standing behind the Rays manager.

Along with their approval of Kevin Cash, 94% of Rays fans are confident in the front office’s ability to field a winning team.

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