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Wild Card Update: September 23

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A bad day for the Rays turns into a bad night for the Rays

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Cleveland Indians Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Rays are embroiled in a three-way race for two American League Wild Card slots. For Rays fans, this means every day has the potential for joy or despair.

Between now and whenever the Wild Card teams are determined we’ll provide a daily update on the state of the race.

Monday, September 23

Standings: Standings: Rays are tied for the second Wild Card spot with the Cleveland Indians. Both teams are two games back of the Oakland Athletics for the top spot.

Latest scores: Red Sox beat the Rays, 7-4; Indians beat the Phillies 10-1; Athletics lost to the Rangers 8-3.

Today’s action (probable pitchers from MLB; gameday odds from 538):

Rays vs Boston Red Sox, Blake Snell vs Jhoulys Chacin. Tampa Bay has a 60% chance of winning. First pitch is at 7:10 ET

Games remaining

Tampa Bay - 6 - 1 against Boston, 2 against New York, & 3 against Toronto

Oakland - 6 - 2 against Los Angeles, & 4 against Seattle

Cleveland - 6 - 3 against Chicago White Sox, & 3 against Washington

FanGraphs Playoffs Odds

Oakland 97.0

Tampa Bay 54.9%

Cleveland 47.9%